lørdag 31. desember 2011

Last visit to the Hawk-hide in 2011

Yesterday gave me a last chance to go to the hawk-hide in 2011. And what a day! First of all Knut was back and it was a pleasure to "shoot" with him again. And second, the hawks came and stayed for 2 hours. A new juvenile together with an adult male. After a while the adult took to it's wing after just a couple of dives against the juvenile male.

The bait this morning was a crow, and the juvenile gave us a real show during all the attempts to fly away with the crow. After a couple of yours ha managed to get away with what was left.

We hope for snow in January and a lof of action outside our hide. I plan on coming back with more reports from "our" hawks in a couple of weeks.

I wish all my followers and readers a Happy New Year. I hope all your dreams come true in 2012!


2 kommentarer:

Morten Borg sa...

Flott bilde, godt nytt år

Anne-Lise sa...

Flott å kunne følge deg i dine naturopplevelser, og venter spent på mer i dette nylig startede året! :-)